August 19, 2012

Back on Blogger

Over the last few months, I've spent a fair amount of time working writing on Tumblr rather than on the Metaphorical Web Blogspot. Why? It was a somewhat easier interface to work with, and I had found it worked reasonably well for a number of projects. However, I've also noticed that it's difficult to see if there's any traffic on the site, and I've noticed that overall Tumblr is gaining a reputation as being rather sleazy in terms of the type of content that gets posted. 

Consequently, I've transferred a number of posts back over to the Metaphorical Web site, and expect to continue here moving forward. I'm also planning on writing at least one new blog post a week every Sunday, to post Monday morning. Because I want to keep topics somewhat separated, I'll actually have two this time around - this and the one to follow shortly afterwards.

Metaphorical Web has, regardless of the hosting site, been a playground for my non-technical ideas - thoughts on politics, the economy, major issues that the world faces - resource constraints, climate change, political extremism, economic collapse, generally light-hearted topics like that. Most of my technical talks will continue on, so if you're looking for those here, you may want to check out that site instead.

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