April 16, 2011

A New Job and New Ramblings, or Information Architecture 101

Hi! Chances are if you came from links for the MarkLogic site, you're probably looking for XMLToday.org (I run both) but if you're just here to see some rambling thoughts about information architecture from a graybeard, then no doubt you are in fact in the right place.

About the new job - about a year ago, I came out to Annapolis, Maryland in order to work as a contract data architect for Lockheed on the US National Archives ERA project. NARA was fun to work with. Lockheed, not so much. In January, in a cost cutting move, several consultants were let go. The usual scramble for work began, aided for once with a fairly healthy bank balance and being in a place where there is a hunger for XML architects. Eight weeks later, after a number of interesting encounters, I landed at Avalon Consulting. They had what I was looking for in a job - challenging work, decent pay, sane ideas about remote working and a lot of very bright people that liked to do good things in the information space. That it gave me a chance to work with MarkLogic again was a big plus, as I've rather become addicted to the platform.